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  • 4 Important Rules To Remember On Long Road Trips

    Driving for long distances can be very tiring, and sometimes your driving abilities suffer a bit from the monotony of the road.  The longer your travel party is on the road, the more possible it is that you encounter a bit of danger.

    It’s vital that you do your part to keep yourself (and everyone else on the road) safe during your extended excursion.  Adhering to a few simple guidelines will help keep you safe and free of shackles because going to jail in another state can get pretty hairy.  

    Here is a quick look at a few of the most important rules to keep in mind as your travel long distances on the road.

    Adhere to the speed limits

    There are more than just a few reasons why breaking the speed limits on a long road trip is a bad idea.  Speeding fines can get pretty expensive, and once you reach a certain point, you go straight to jail. Going faster isn’t worth going to jail, and it certainly isn’t worth risking people’s lives.  

    When it is raining, it’s best to go a little under the set speed limit for the road you’re driving.  If the weather is nice, you can get away with 5mph over the speed limit. Keep your speed within those guidelines, and you shouldn’t have any trouble on your journey.  

    Always wear your seat belt

    You wouldn’t believe how often people get pulled over on the road for not wearing a seat belt.  Wearing your seat belt can spare you a load of problems with the road patrols and keep your trip moving forward.  

    Often, people get pulled over for a simple seat belt violation, only to face additional fines/charges for other random issues.  Play it safe, and avoid the law. Buckle your seat belt.

    Check a few things on the vehicle

    Before you ever leave the driveway, there are things you can do to assure your safety on the roads ahead.  Check a few vital things below and above the hood of your vehicle.

    Make sure all of your lighting works properly, as blown bulbs result in traffic stops.  Check your tire pressure and tread levels to avoid a flat, and make sure all of your engine fluids are fresh and full.  

    Turn on your headlights

    It’s easy to forget to turn on your headlights, and not every vehicle is able to automate the process.  Forgetting to turn on your headlights can mean a lot of trouble.  

    Without the aid of headlights at night, you could easily wreck or be hit by another driver, as no headlights mean you are nearly invisible on the roads.  Don’t risk the ticket or the car accident, and take special care to always remember your headlights.