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  • How I Choose Accommodation for Travel

    My job requires me to travel very frequently. I love travelling and find great value in meeting new people and becoming a part of new cultures. However, I always manage to save money while travelling. Some people think that because of my frequent travels, I spend a fortune on getting a hotel room. The truth is- I do not.

    Today I am sharing how I choose accommodation while travelling.

    Searching options online

    I first look for all the available kind of accommodations in a particular place. You will find many hotels, shared accommodations like hostels, Airbnb, hostels and bed and breakfast type accommodations. I also check for the most popular hotel destinations in a region along with the typical prices for a hotel room or other kind of accommodation. This doesn’t take more than 30 minutes and helps me plan my travel much better.

    Finding the right location

    You will often find that there is one street or neighbourhood in the city you are travelling where most hotels are located. They usually have very high prices, but all in the same range. Check Google Maps and see if there are some hotels located just off the street.

    These hotels are often always cheaper than the main neighbourhood and you don’t even have to go too far away from the primary attractions. This is one trick that has helped me save a lot of money while travelling.

    Never select the costliest room

    In the beginning of my travel journey, I wanted to get the most expensive room possible and enjoy the amenities I got. It had the best view, the best bed and the best sheets. However, as I started travelling more, I realized that these things don’t matter as much. I now get the most reasonable hotel rooms in the best prices. The amenities are fine for the weather.

    For example, if it is fall, you will not gain anything by getting a temperature controlled room. You will likely use the room only to sleep and get fresh. So, don’t spend too much here and look for something cheaper.

    Breakfast isn’t a must

    A room that comes with complimentary breakfast isn’t always cheap. In fact, the cost of the breakfast is almost always included in the cost of the room itself. When my schedule is too tight and I don’t find any good places to have breakfast around the hotel room (when doing my online search) I opt for the complimentary breakfast option. I also do this when the prices of the rooms with breakfast are highly competitive.

    Whenever I find that there are some great places to get a good breakfast around my hotel, I usually ditch the complimentary breakfast option and eat delicious local food. It always works.

    Your cost of accommodation will go down by at least 20% if you follow these simple tips. If you are planning a trip, simply follow these options and see how you save money. I have saved hundreds of dollars using this method and it can work for you as well.