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  • Things You Need to Keep in Mind When Going on Road Trip with Friends

    Who hasn’t dreamt of an epic road trip across the country, driving though new roads, singing out loud with your friends and leaving all worries behind! You gain maturity, have new experiences, learn responsibility and have so much fun! But if you are planning to go on a road trip with your friends, there is a bit of work involved so that the entire trip goes smoothly. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind before embarking on the trip.

    Carry a physical map

    Yes, you can always follow your phone’s excellent online maps, but what if where you lose internet connection, or your phone battery dies out when you need it the most? It is always a smart idea to always carry a physical map so that you always have a backup guide to the place. You don’t even need to buy a new map for the road trip. You can simply take print outs from your phone’s maps and keep it in the car for emergencies. Believe it or not, trying to find the directions using an old-fashioned map will be an enriching a bonding experience with friends.

    Know your car well

    On a road trip, your car is your best friend and your most important resource. So, it is important that you know it well. Get your car checked beforehand to ensure that your tire pressure, headlights, wipers etc. are in right shape and good enough to take you through the trip. A firsthand knowledge about your car and the basic repairing like changing a tire is something you should learn so that you don’t have to call the AAA in the middle of nowhere if your cars got a flat.

    Pack the essentials

    Everyone needs to pack wisely so that the others can take their belongings as well and all of it fits in the limited space of the car. Pack everything in you need in a compact form and don’t carry unnecessary stuff. Make a list of essentials such as food, sunscreen, tissues, emergency kit etc so that you can handle trouble with ease. Often you go through areas where you get practically nothing at all. And it is wise to stay absolutely prepared for any kind of problem or need that might arise.

    Be prepared for the weather

    Before you start on your road trip, you must check up on the weather updates and forecasts without fail. Often people make the mistake of checking up on the weather only for the destination and completely forgetting about the road. Get an idea on how the weather might be through the entire journey and prepare accordingly. Throw in a couple of blankets in the back of the car just in case it gets chilly.

    Have a talk about finances

    Road trips are often cheaper, and you can also save up quite a bit by planning a low-key trip to a not very touristy place. For example, say you visit a friend who studies out of your town, say in Chicago University or the University of Pennsylvania 宾夕法尼亚大学 for an affordable trip. But you need to have an open conversation how the funds will be managed. Moreover, carry adequate cash and don’t just depend on plastic money.

    A road trip with friends can be an experience of a lifetime so make sure you plan well to get the most out of it.