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  • Where to Go to See the Northern Lights This Year

    The Northern Lights are one of the most fascinating natural phenomenon one can witness. Everyone who has seen them knows that there could be nothing better that finding themselves under the stars and these shining lights. The green lights are so adorable that I have often thought about recreating that experience in my room. Of course, I failed. If you love the Northern Lights as much as I do, head to Alaska, Canada, Russia or Scandinavia.

    Want to get a better view? Here are the places from where these lights will look the best this year.

    Fairbanks, Alaska

    If you don’t want cross the Atlantic and visit another continent to see the Northern Lights, just go to Fairbanks, Alaska. This place is located at 64-degree North latitude and provides you a magnificent view of the Aurora Borealis. It also has an added twist. In early February, you could also enjoy the Yukon Quest International Sled Dog race where racers defy extreme climates and 1,000 miles to become the winners.

    Torassieppi, Finland

    There is no better place to visit the Northern Lights and watch those green curtains floating across the sky than Torassieppi, Finland. It is located at 70-degree North latitude and provides you the most scenic views of the lights, thanks to its frozen background. The best views of the lights are available at the Pallas- Yllastunturi National Park. This place has two frozen lakes- Jerisjarvi and Pallasjarvi. If you are lucky enough, you could click a beautiful picture of the lights right at the lakes.

    Lofoten Islands and other places, Norway

    Lofoten Islands give you the most beautiful and unadulterated view of the Northern Lights. It is located right at 68-degree North latitude, which gives you the most fascinating look at the Aurora. It is located in the south-west direction of Tromso and looks so scenic and beautiful, that time will stop for some time. The good news is that you may get a chance to reside in the fisherman cabins in this region.

    Located at the same latitude is Harstad. They also give you very scenic views of the Northern Lights. The most amazing thing about Harstad is that they celebrate a music festival Ilios, dedicated to the sun every year. Therefore, you can enjoy the beautiful sights as well as the great music here.

    However, the most unique experience of them all comes in Longyearbyen. At this place, located at 78-degree North latitude, you get to see the Pole Star just above the horizon. Experiencing the Northern Lights with a background of the Pole Star is one of the most beautiful things you will ever see. Not to forget, they even celebrate the Polar Jazz festival here in early February which makes the atmosphere ever better.

    Are you planning the trip already? Don’t wait anymore. There is nothing in the world that can be compared with these beautiful lights. Whether you are travelling solo, with friends/family or with your sweetheart, make sure that you experience these lights at least once.