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  • Surviving a Road Trip with Children

    To most adults, driving to a holiday destination is just that – riding by a car on holiday. However, to most children, it is a road trip, pure and simple! After all, they get to experience the delights of being driven somewhere and not having to lift a finger in the process! It is therefore somewhat of a trip for them but consequently an adult’s worst nightmare if the drive ahead is a strenuous and time-consuming one!

    Though there is sometimes no getting away from having to drive a long distance with children in the car to reach your intended holiday destination, there are a few handy tips and snippets of advice that can help make this time run more smoothly. All it takes is a little bit or preparation beforehand.


    The most important tip of all! If you only manage one piece of advice, plan your road trip ahead of time. Though it may not seem like much help right now, you will thank me for it once you are on that long journey! Plan your route out and note the time. Then, by basing this information on the ages and preferences of your kids, break up the trip to allow a couple of pit stops. As every parent will tell you, you cannot expect children, of almost any age, to travel continually without stopping for a break. With the little ones it is usually all about toilet stops, and with the older ones, it is now mostly concerning accessing Wi-Fi hot spots! Whatever your cars age range, there is no denying that incorporating a decent number of breaks into your road trip will ensure that everybody is refreshed and vitalized when they get back into the car.

    Decide on The Music Before You Set Off

    Though it may sound trivial, how many times can you possibly listen to the wheels on the bus during your road trip? If you don’t get the music list sorted before you pull off the drive, then that may be exactly what awaits you over the next few hours of your journey! Give everybody the choice of a song list of their very own with the same number of songs chosen on each, and make sure that everybody gets a chance to have their songs played. Better still, create a road trip playlist that can be put on to play continually and that way it remains fair.

    Choose Your Snacks Wisely!

    Kids, food, and drinks are not always the best combination when traveling for many reasons that I know I don’t have to mention out loud! To save the arguments, unscheduled toilet trips and dodgy tummy’s, purchase a small selection of light nibbles that will merely keep energy levels up as you travel and try to limit the drinks as much as you possibly can. Save the bigger meals and beverages for a lunchtime or dinner time scheduled stop and that way everybody knows they have that to look forward to.

    Pack an Activity Kit for The Smaller Car Members

    Those specific words, are we there yet will come up at any time of your road trip from the smaller back seat passengers! Nothing has ever been invented to stop those irritating words being spoken. However, it is possible to reduce them by ensuring that no child steps out of the house without packing a selection of activities that can be practically referred to on the road. Take a look at some toys and games reviews and get each member to fill up a backpack with at least three things that they can get on with quietly during the road trip, and ensure that each one of these activities is done in relative quietness for the safety of the driver when he or she needs it the most.