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  • Top New England Travel Destinations For Fall

    New England is one of the most beautiful regions in the U.S. to visit during the fall.  Leaf-peeping season is in full swing, and now is the perfect time to visit the northeastern states.  There are several different places to see in New England, so it helps to simplify your options.

    If you are planning an epic fall journey, consider checking out what New England has to offer.  Here is a quick breakdown of some of the most exhilarating destinations to visit this fall season.  Take a look, and start planning your next adventure today.

    Mystic, Connecticut

    If you’re a fan of the maritime culture of New England, Mystic will show you a world from years ago.  You’ll experience wooden hulls, a working shipyard, and galleries that capture the way of life in 19th-century Connecticut.  

    No need to worry about the safety of the children, as there are ample precautionary hurdles in place and plenty of medical professionals in the area.  Have fun with the whole family, and explore the Mystic Seaport when it is at its peak of business.  

    Fresh seafood, portly musicians singing old sea tunes, and sensational storytellers line the streets of Mystic for one of the most authentic travel destinations in New England.  

    Acadia National Park, Maine

    Located in the woodlands of Maine, Acadia National Park boasts more than 45,000 acres of land and nearly 100 years of park preservation.  There is a carriage road system running through the park.

    You can hike through the paths, knowing that you’ll run into at least a few of the 17 stone-faced bridges granting passage across flowing streams and along cliffsides.  Visit Echo Lake Beach to take your shot at spotting a real-life peregrine falcon in action.  

    Bretton Woods, New Hampshire

    Experience the world’s first mountain climbing cog railroad in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire.  Head to the summit of Mount Washington at a raging three miles per hour, and enjoy a perspective of the landscape you never thought possible.  

    Hope you’re not afraid of heights, as the cog rail hangs in the balance at a 40 degree angle on the mountain’s side.  The journey up through the beautiful forest to heights towering over the treeline takes a little longer than an hour, so prepare yourself for a long ride.  

    Portland, Maine

    Try visiting Portland on the coast of Maine, and check out a chain of islands just off the coast.  You’ll see the true nature of New England’s beaches, taste the flavor of Maine, and enjoy exploring the dirt biking roads on Cliff Island.

    Stowe, Vermont

    Stowe, Vermont is arguably the best place to visit in New England if you’re looking for an epic leaf-peeping destination.  The area’s landscape looks like it was taken straight from a postcard this time of year, and there’s plenty more to keep you busy when the sight-seeing fun is over.  

    Go ski the slopes, or make reservations at the Trapp Family Lodge.  The lodge was founded by the family featured in the story of The Sound of Music, and the design of the accommodations holds true to its Austrian-inspired theme.