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  • My Best Travel Tips Ever

    I love travelling and sharing my best tips with my community as well. Do you like travelling just like I do? Get some of the best and most unique travel advice in this post.

    Never forget your toothbrush and towel

    It is a beautiful morning in an amazing new city. You wake up refreshed and relaxed and walk leisurely towards the bathroom only to find you forgot to bring your toothbrush and towel. This is a common but tricky situation for most travellers.

    Not finding your toothbrush and towel in your bag is the biggest, most frustrating mistake of your journey. It is not necessary you will find a shop nearby to get these things. As someone who doesn’t use hotel towels, I have felt horrified on a few occasions when I forgot my towel.

    Make copies of your documents

    Whenever you are travelling, make sure you keep extra copies of your important documents. Your passport, visa or other documents should be copied (make at least 2 copies) and kept in different places. Some tourists lose their passports in foreign countries, creating major problems for themselves.

    If you carry a copy, you will have at least some proof or document to show the local authorities and your country’s embassy. It is also a good idea to scan these documents along with your ID cards and mail them to yourself or keep a copy on your phone. They can often be lifesavers.

    Use cash only

    There are two benefits of using cash when travelling. First, you stop yourself from spending too much when you carry cash with you. Secondly, if you ever lose cash, you can always go back to your hotel room and use your ATM to get some more. However, if you ever lose your card, you will be in grave trouble as you will have very limited money. Carrying cash helps keep your money safe and saves you from excessive expenditure as well.

    Cross streets carefully

    Traffic rules in different countries are different. It is not essential to come across a place where traffic is moving smoothly. So, it will be a better idea to look both ways before you cross a street. This will keep you safe, avoid accidents and unnecessary expenditure as well. Moreover, you will not ruin your trip.

    A coffee shop is always great

    Want to start conversations with locals, meet up with some other travellers or simply sit in a corner and enjoy a great cup of coffee (I love coffee), go to a coffee shop. There is no harm in going to Starbucks. The rates are usually very competitive, depending on the currency of the country you are travelling to. You will also get free Wi-Fi in these coffee shops. Sometimes, after eating at local joints, your heart craves something familiar. A coffee chain does exactly that.

    These were some of my most practical travel tips that will help you while travelling abroad. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me in the comments. I will answer all the questions.